About Sam

I’m Sam, a product manager at Acoustic living in Atlanta.

As a product manager at IBM Watson Marketing, I was responsible for the successful launch of a brand new marketing personalization software known as IBM Watson Real-Time Personalization. In April 2020, Centerbridge Partners acquired IBM’s Watson Marketing products and spun them off to create Acoustic. Subsequently my product was rebranded as Acoustic Personalization.

🎡 From Santa Monica, California

🎓 Graduated Cornell University with a B.S. in Applied Economics and Management

🌮 Thrived in Austin, Texas for 2 years

🐝 Former Product Manager at IBM Cloud and IBM Watson Marketing

I believe in:

Prioritizing on impact

For every feature I decide to focus on, many more sit in the backlog. This is why I prioritize by taking into account the value provided to the customer, to other teams, and to the business.

Focusing on effective communication

It is my responsibility to drive alignment and shared understanding on the importance of our long-term projects. When speaking with designers, engineers, and various stakeholders, I command influence without authority, so that we improve functionality, customer satisfaction, and win more deals.

Incremental improvements

A minimum viable product needs to provide value to our users, meet their needs, and get our foot in the door. It has to generate enough client interest and revenue, so that we can continue to deliver useful features and optimizations with every subsequent sprint. Always getting better.